Feb 21, 2012 / 66 notes

Last February, I got a cute little half Vizsla/half Border Collie puppy which I named Milo.

What I didn’t know back then was that he would turn out to be the most awesome dog I’ve ever had. So sweet and affectionate. So obedient. And the best four-legged running partner anybody could ever hope for!

  1. stephaniebecomesstrong said: Awwww!!!!
  2. runsforredvelvet said: OMG so so so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. robownslife said: I love Milo! :D
  4. clairezilla said: dogs are the best!
  5. runningthegoodrace said: Oh my gosh, he is just the sweetest thing!!
  6. rivercitysinger said: That is the most precious picture ever.
  7. melanietris said: So CUTE!! Love that face! I think I might come to Arkansas and steal him away! :)
  8. regainingmymoxy said: OMG! KILLING ME with the puppy pictures!! So obedient - except when he decides you need to change your carpets. ;o) I love Milo. He is like the Nip of dogs - so expressive. One of my favorite pictures was after y’all went for a long cold run. I hope I meet him some day!
  9. justabunchofmemories86 said: Cuteness overload!!
  10. thelibrarianontherun said: Adorable! We love our 3 border collies - they are so great (they are mixes, too!) So loyal!