Jun 22, 2013 / 30 notes

Saturday in pictures.

Woke up early in the morning, poured myself a morning latte, and headed down to the farmer’s market to see what they had. I came back home with wild cherries, fresh goat cheese, milk, and free range eggs. Then I drove to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bike ride.

It had been months since I had been to the BRP. Last time was last year during training for the Philadelphia Marathon so it was nice to get out there again. The views of the valley below are amazing.

But damn those hills! They nearly killed me. It was slow going and my quads were burning so bad I had to stop several times to rest. On the flip side, it was a ton of fun flying down them on the way back.

Total distance: 13 miles. Average speed: 12.9 MPH. Max speed: 39.1 MPH - a new record!

  1. seemissmjanerun said: Farmer’s market sounds delish.
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