Jun 30, 2013 / 37 notes

Sunday in pictures:

1. Went for a 15 mile bike ride in Bridgewater this morning. And seeing those Mennonite buggies never gets old. It’s like being transported back a hundred years. I’m fascinated by them!!

2 There is cornfield after cornfield out there. As far as the eye can see. And I bet it all goes to the chicken feed plant that makes the whole place smell like dog food.

3. Then later this afternoon I decided to go with Milo on a 3 mile run. It was a pleasant 78 degrees. But when combined with the 72% humidity I felt like the air was so thick I couldn’t breathe. And my legs were a bit tired from the bike ride. I still managed to keep a 9:11 pace despite that. Not too bad.

4. And now I’m making bagels. I’ve never made them before so I hope they turn out well. My breakfast tomorrow depends on it.

  1. runtoeatrepeat said: this post is full of awesomeness.
  2. tallmormon said: That humidity! Blech
  3. runningthegoodrace said: Can’t wait to hear about the bagels!!
  4. sabineslife said: when will there be wedding photos?
  5. seestephyrun said: cool! I’ve never made bagels before, definitely need to try that
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